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Polished TIG Welding Tungsten Electrodes Rod 0.5~25mm Diameter Green Tungsten Electrode Red Tungsten Electrode

Place of Origin China
Brand Name PRM
Certification ISO9001
Model Number WT20,WZ8,WP20,WY20 etc.
Minimum Order Quantity 1pc
Price $0.1~5.0/pc
Packaging Details Box
Delivery Time 7~10 work days
Payment Terms T/T
Supply Ability 20000pcs/month

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Product Details
Name Tungsten Electrode Used For TIG Welding Material Tungsten And Rare Earth Oxides
Type WT20,WZ8,WP20,WY20,WT15 Etc. Diameter 0.5~25mm
Length 150,175,178 Or According To Customer Request MOQ 1pc
Sample Free Surface Polished
High Light

25mm Tungsten Electrodes


TIG Welding Tungsten Electrodes


Polished tungsten welding rod

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Product Description

Tungsten Electrode Used For TIG Welding


1. Tungsten electrode description for TIG welding:


Due to the properties of tungsten, it is well suited for TIG welding and other electrode materials for this type of work. The welding performance of tungsten electrodes is improved by adding rare earth oxides to tungsten metal to stimulate its electron work function. This results in better arc starting performance of the electrode, increased stability of the arc column, and lower electrode burnout rate. Cerium oxide, lanthanum oxide, zirconium oxide, yttrium oxide, and thorium oxide are typical rare earth additions.


Tungsten electrode is a tungsten electrode made of materials with high melting point, corrosion resistance, high density, good thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity. Tungsten electrodes are widely used in welding in their properties. Tungsten electrodes ground or polished and black rods. The final colors are all different and the difference can be discerned. In tungsten electrodes, more importantly, their final color is different, and the tungsten content is also different. When welding, choose the right tungsten electrode to make welding easier and it is important to get a high-quality weld. Some important factors to consider in making the right choice are the type of power source (inverter or transformer), welding material (steel, aluminium or stainless steel) and material thickness.


2. Classification of Tungsten Electrode Used For TIG Welding:


Type Grade Color code Chemical content(%) Diameter(mm) Surface Feature
Rare Earth Oxides impurity W

Pure Tungsten


WP Green ≤0.05   0.5~25 Polished Pure tungsten electrodes are only used as welding electrodes under AC conditions or as resistance welding electrodes.

Thorium Tungsten


WT10 Yellow 0.9~1.1ThO2 ≤0.05 Remain 0.5~25 Polished Thorium tungsten electrode is the tungsten electrode with the best welding performance so far, and it has the highest market share of tungsten electrodes in the world. Excellent welding performance, its use is not limited.
WT20 red 1.8~2.2ThO2 ≤0.05 Remain 0.5~25

Lanthanum Tungsten


WLa10 black 0.8~1.2La2O3 ≤0.05 Remain 0.5~25 Polished Non-radioactive, excellent electrical conductivity and welding ability, high current carrying capacity, lowest proportion of burn area, replace thorium tungsten electrode, mainly used for DC welding.
WLa15 golden 1.3~1.7 La2O3 ≤0.05 Remain 0.5~25
WLa20 blue 1.8~2.2 La2O3 ≤0.05 Remain 0.5~25

Cerium Tungsten


WCe10 pink 0.8~1.2CeO2 ≤0.05 Remain 0.5~25 Polished Non-radioactive; low current in arc prone conditions, low arc holding current; suitable for pipe welding, small parts and intermittent welding.
WCe15 orange 1.3~1.7CeO2 ≤0.05 Remain 0.5~25
WCe20 Gray 1.8~2.2CeO2 ≤0.05 Remain 0.5~25

Yttrium Tungsten


WY20 sky blue 1.8~2.2Y2O3 ≤0.05 Remain 0.5~25 Polished When yttrium tungsten electrode is welded, the arc beam is slender and the degree of compression is large, and its penetration is the largest at medium and large currents.

Composite rare earth tungsten


WMX cyan-blue 1.0~5.0MOx ≤0.05  Remain 0.5~25 Polished When one or more rare earth oxide components are added, the welding ability of the composite tungsten electrode is better compensated than that of other types of electrodes, so it becomes a special category in the electrode family.

Zirconium Tungsten 






0.2-0.4 ZrO2

0.7-0.9 ZrO2

≤0.05 Remain 0.5~25 Polished zirconium Tungsten  electrode has good welding performance in alternating current environment. Especially in the case of high load current, the superior performance of tungsten zirconium electrodes is irreplaceable by other electrodes.


Polished TIG Welding Tungsten Electrodes Rod 0.5~25mm Diameter Green Tungsten Electrode Red Tungsten Electrode 0Polished TIG Welding Tungsten Electrodes Rod 0.5~25mm Diameter Green Tungsten Electrode Red Tungsten Electrode 1

3. Scope of application of Tungsten Electrode Used For TIG Welding:


Tungsten electrode is used for TIG welding, which is a tungsten alloy bar made by adding about 0.3%-5% rare earth elements such as cerium, thorium, lanthanum, zirconium, yttrium, etc. in the tungsten matrix by powder metallurgy. Press machined, diameters from 0.25 to 6.4mm, standard lengths from 75 to 600, and the most commonly used sizes are diameters 1.0, 1.6, 2.4 and 3.2, the shape of the electrode tip is an important factor for TIG, when When using DCSP, the electrode tip needs to be sharpened and the tip angle varies with the application range, electrode diameter, and welding current. Narrow joints require a smaller tip angle. When welding very thin materials, it is necessary to A low current, needle-like minimum electrode is used to stabilize the arc, while a properly grounded electrode ensures easy arc ignition, good arc stability and proper bead width. When welding with AC power, it is not necessary to grind the electrode tip, because with the proper welding current, the electrode tip will form a hemispherical shape. If the welding current is increased, the electrode tip will become a bulb shape and may melt and contaminate the molten gold.


With the development and expanded application of inert gas shielded welding of tungsten electrodes, people's research on tungsten electrodes has become more and more in-depth. In plasma arc welding, cutting and non-melting electrode argon arc welding, thorium tungsten electrodes were used in the past, but due to the radioactive effects of thorium (the radiation dose of 3.60 × 105 Curie / kg), it will damage human health and pollute the environment , so that the thoriated tungsten electrode is replaced by a cerium tungsten electrode with a cerium oxide content of 2 to 4%. In DC positive argon arc welding, the cerium tungsten electrode is easy to start the arc, and the electrode burning loss is small, allowing the welding current density to be larger than that of thorium tungsten; while in AC argon arc welding, the burning loss of cerium tungsten electrode is larger than that of thoriated tungsten electrode. , The allowable range of welding current selected for cerium tungsten electrodes is smaller than that of thoriated tungsten electrodes.


Thorium-tungsten electrodes are easy to handle and work well even at overloaded currents, and many people still use this material, and it is seen as part of high-quality welding. Nevertheless, people are gradually turning their attention to other types of tungsten electrodes, such as cerium tungsten and lanthanum tungsten. Because the thorium oxide in the tungsten-thorium electrodes produces a small amount of radiation, some welders are reluctant to approach them.


4. Measures to Prevent Radiation Injury of Tungsten Electrode Used For TIG Welding:


1). Thorium-tungsten electrodes should have special storage equipment. When storing in large quantities, they should be hidden in an iron box, and an exhaust pipe should be installed.

2). When using an airtight cover for welding, the cover should not be opened during operation. When operating manually, you must wear an air supply protective helmet or take other effective measures.

3). A special grinding wheel should be provided to grind thorium tungsten electrodes. The grinding machine should be equipped with dust removal equipment. The grinding debris on the ground of the grinding machine should be cleaned frequently by wet cleaning and concentrated and deeply buried.

4). Wear a dust mask when grinding thoriated tungsten electrodes. Wash hands with running water and soap after touching thoriated tungsten electrodes, and wash work clothes and gloves frequently.

5). Select a reasonable specification during welding and cutting to avoid excessive burning of the thoriated tungsten electrode.


6). Use cerium tungsten electrodes or lanthanum tungsten electrodes instead of thoriated tungsten electrodes as much as possible, because the latter two are non-radioactive.




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Polished TIG Welding Tungsten Electrodes Rod 0.5~25mm Diameter Green Tungsten Electrode Red Tungsten Electrode 2


Polished TIG Welding Tungsten Electrodes Rod 0.5~25mm Diameter Green Tungsten Electrode Red Tungsten Electrode 3